Enjoy a close encounter with the friendliest creature of the sea, the bottlenose dolphin. Get your feet in the water and observe these intelligent mammals up close. Enjoy a rare opportunity to touch, feed and interact with them in waist-deep water. 


 Go 'head Mon, Pet Them, 
You Wont Get Wet

Bahamas Language Lesson

Yah Mon

No Problem Mon

Every ting' Cool

I Soakin' Some Sun

Hey Mon Don't Worry  Be Happy

If you are lucky enough to reserve a swim with the dolphins, you will be separated from those participating in the Encounters and brought to the swim area for a briefing on what to expect during the program. You will then enter the water where you will actually swim and play with the dolphins for 30 minutes with a small group of people. Kissing, hugging, and dancing are all part of the activities you will enjoy with your new pals. You will even be able to feed them.

Non-participants may observe those in their party who are swimming with the dolphins. The only cost to them is $20.00 for the ferry from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon. This is payable directly to the ferry and no reservations are needed for observers.




Human Hurdle

Swim With Dolphins Video

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We suggest that you try the following times:
In January, February and March, 2004... Try 10:30am and 1:30pm
From April through August, 2004... Try 10:30am and 3:30pm.

BOTH OF OUR DOLPHIN PROGRAMS ARE IN GREAT DEMAND. You may be able to book this within 2 months of your request; there are usually some open spots here and there. But, if you truly want this experience, please book it now. PLEASE DON'T WAIT.

See restrictions for information about which departure time you should book.

Note that 3 hour trip length includes the ferry ride to and from the Blue Lagoon Island where the dolphin facility is located, but does not include time it takes for the taxi or water taxi ride to the ferry dock.


Your heart will be racing as they direct you to one of three swim platforms, which you will share with about 25 others waiting for a dolphin kiss. Small groups of ten will enter waist-deep water where you will have the chance to interact with the dolphins, being able to hug and feed them. Photos will be taken of your dolphin kiss and will be available for purchase after your encounter.

Non-participants may observe those in their party who are interacting with the dolphins. The only cost to them is $20.00 for the ferry from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon. This is payable directly to the ferry and no reservations are needed for observers.

For an even closer experience with the dolphins, try our SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS excursion.


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Both of the dolphin tours are in great demand. This must be booked several weeks ahead and there is a longer lead time in high season. Please don't wait.

See restrictions for information about which departure time you should book.


Traveler Reviews
4/1/2003 NASSAU C. Needham
We so enjoyed our dolphin excursion. My daughter did the "swim with the dolphins" and my son and I did the "close encounter". We all absolutely loved it! I was afraid that the encounter might be a little boring, but it WASN'T. The dolphins are so sweet. When they hug you and put their head on your shoulder it is just amazing. Thank you for arranging this for us, it was fabulous!
7/5/2003 NASSAU G. Piper
WOW! What a great time! My son and daughter had a 'Close Encounter' with Shawn, one of the dolphins, at Blue Lagoon and my wife and I went along as observers, taking many pictures and videos. It was a great experience for all of us and one that we'll never forget! We are already planning our next visit, but next time we are ALL going to experience Close Encounter's and maybe even a swim. Thanks so much for your assistance!                                                                      
6/22/2002      NASSAU L. Hughes  
Our ShoreTrips were great! This trip was definately worth the price! We had no problem finding where we needed to be as your directions on the voucher were very clear. Everyone at the dolphin facility was extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun too! Our family enjoyed the "Swim with the Dolphins" VERY much. This was an amazing experience and we have the video to keep the memory forever!! Everything was perfect! My family and I would like to 'thank you' again for helping us arrange this trip. Although I had waited so long to make the reservation, you guys came through for us. ShoreTrips RULE!! We will be using you again in the future!
7/31/2002               NASSAU J. Capicchioni
Our swim with the dolphins was great! I am so happy that I found your website! My friends could not believe that I was able to get the reservation at such last minute since they told me that the "swim" sells out months in advance. Our guide was outstanding, the facility was great, and the boat ride was lots of fun! I will definitely recommend your Web Site to others and when I go to New Orleans in November I will book another trip with you. Thanks for checking in on the service; You do a GREAT job!!
4/14/2003                   NASSAU P. Kobin
Just thought I'd let you know that the Dolphin Swim was fabulous - the people were great and the experience was something to remember for all of our lives. My 14 yr old son was thrilled! Initially I was closed out of the Disney dolphin excursion UNTIL All Seasons referred me to you--with you, I had no problem booking and also learned that the Disney excursion was only the "encounter," and not a real "swim" with the dolphins. I was lucky to have found you. Thank you very much!
7/15/2003        NASSAU K. Lang
My son and I had the best time EVER! It was truely a dream come true. I must say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I will definitely check with you again on our next vacation to see if there's anything you can help me with. Thank you again for a great time and a dream come true.
7/24/2003             NASSAU L. Gerych
We loved our trip! The staff and dolphins were excellent. Our friends enjoyed the video and are now excited about a trip. Some friends commented that the price was excessive. After being there-- it was MORE than worth it to us.
7/18/2003            NASSAU D. Pincince
We had a great time in Nassau doing the swim with the dolphins. It was such a natural surrounding that it made the whole atmosphere more exciting. The staff was funny and knowledgeable and the facility was clean. The pictures they took were great! I would definitley recommend this experience to young and old. We will go back again for sure. I've already recommended your company to people since you were so accommodating.

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