Disney Children's Activities

The following is a sample of some of the programs and events your clients can enjoy on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. Programs and events are subject to change.

3-4 Year Olds

Welcome Party
It's a time of fantasy. Children play games, meet a Disney Character, sing, hear a story, make a craft, dance, and get a peek at upcoming programs.

Hat's off to Peter Pan
Help celebrate everybody's birthday in Neverland, but watch out for Captain Hook who wants to break up the party.

Where's Tinkerbell?
An adventure with clues to help find Tinkerbell's hiding place. Hopefully she will make a very magical appearance.

Mouseketeer Training
Children train to be Mouseketeers, practice marching, match up with Disney friends and watch video clips of the 1950's Mouseketeer show opening.

Mouseketeer Inspection
Mickey Mouse comes to inspect his new Mouseketeers and lead them in a march to Disney's Oceaneer Lab.

Swingin' with Tarzan
Who can resist trashing the camp with Terk, sketching like Jane, and sliding like Tarzan.

Do Si Do with Snow White
Young children love to dance and who better to do so with than Snow White. After practicing their funny little "Dance of the Seven Dwarfs" children will perform with their special guest.

Welcome to Wonderland
Music and silly games let young "Mad Hatters" create their own adventure! An Un-birthday Party with Alice is the perfect way to end a day in Wonderland!

Pumbaa PJ Party (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
Children enter the world of the Lion King with singing, storytelling, coloring a pillowcase to take home, dressing up, bounding through movement dances, roaring like lions and eating bugs.

Flounder's Fish Tales
Children go under the sea and follow their friend Flounder on a magical puppet sea tale.

Storytime with Belle (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
One of the Disney Princesses visits Disney's Oceaneer Club and has the children act out the story of "The Three Little Pigs," while she reads to them.

Ariel's Sea Friends
Just as Ariel lived in the sea and dreamed of dry land, her land friends dream of life in the sea. An underwater playground sets the stage for some creative fun.

King Tritons Royal Court
Our special friend King Triton will hold court and challenge our young friends to learn more about the deep sea and becoming loyal Citizens of the Sea.

Bye, Bye Bubbles Bonanza (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
It's a bubblicious time. Children learn how bubbles are made, blow bubbles with fun wands and characters, make cotton ball bubble pictures, and get a farewell gift.

Sebastian's Musical Sea Search
Children join the search, gathering clues to find Sebastian's missing instruments.

Legend of the Chick Charnie
Children enjoy acting out the Legend of the Chick Charnie and find out more about this charming little Bahamian character

5-7 Year Olds

Welcome Party
Children explore the world of pirates, or jungles, or space, or other magical places and get a sneak preview into upcoming programs, play games, and have fun.


To Infinity & Beyond
Calling all young Space Rangers! Buzz Lightyear needs assistance in his journey throughout the galaxy.

Detective School
The chase is on. Children look for clues, examine fingerprints, view slides under the microscope, look at handwriting samples, and solve the mystery.

Gasses in Action
This is a real gas for any child interested in experimenting. It may seem like magic but beware not to blow anything up in Disney's Oceaneer Lab.

So You Want to be a Pirate!
There's a pirate onboard! Never fear, he's only on hand to tell children adventurous stories tracing the history of buccaneers through time. Captain Hook may even stop by to visit his old friend.

Escape from Hook
It's birthday time in Neverland and all of Peter Pan's young friends disguise themselves and attend the party. They must make sure that Hook doesn't invade the festivities or beware!

Young scientists will discover things they can do with one household egg. Things that they would never thought was possible.

Goofy's Giggle Gala (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
A "Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer" contest is just one of the exciting events this night. Children wear glow in the dark necklaces, play games, and color Goofy pillowcases to take home.

Animation Antics
Children are introduced to simple animation techniques and put their new skills to use by drawing Mickey Mouse.

Picture This
Children create a special picture frame to hold their special vacation memories.

Professor Goo's Magical Experiments
Young scientists join Professor Goo to explore a squishy green substance that looks like "Flubber"!

The Ayes Have It
Children make their own set of 3D glasses and test their eyes on some of our effects.

Chillin in the Club (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
 Sundaes are the reward for being a strawberry, banana, or other dessert in the "Make it a SUNdae" game.

Dig at Monstro's Point
Make no bones about it; this is an adventure every beachcomber is sure to dig! It is amazing what kids can find on Castaway Cay.

Noodle Nonsense
 Wiggly, wild giant foam noodles cover the beach as kids play wacky games, run relay races and make mischief!

8-9 Year Olds

Welcome Party
It's Carnivale time. Children can come in crazy costumes they make up from socks, paper plates, braided toilet paper and other items. There are contests, magic tricks, and a talent show.

The secrets of Disney animation are unlocked as children learn to draw their "favorite fowl" using classic animation tools.

Digital Postcards
Kids can mail memories to themselves or friends when they take pictures onboard using digital cameras and design their own postcards to be mailed from the post office on Castaway Cay!

The 4th Pig's Pasta Palace
Franco, from Pisa is coming to visit his cousins "The Three Little Pigs." Children build him a towering home using pasta and paste. Can it be blown down?

Now a Word from our Sponsor
Children get the chance to be part of the talented cast of producers, directors, and stars in TV spots. The results are hilarious!

Regatta Racers
Our sailors run a clean regatta as they build racers using bars of soap and other materials. This race is sure to be good clean fun and lots of laughs.

Apprentice's Workshop
In this workshop, our apprentices will encounter solid liquids and make their own batch of "Flubber-like Goo!"

Villainous Ventures
The Disney Villains have cast a spell on Disney Cruise Line and only our young sleuths can break it. Teams must work together as they hunt for clues around the ship.

Glowin in the OBC (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
Children find out what's back stage when they take part in one of the skits. Be a Karaoke star, dance, hoop it up, play human bingo, and laugh while glowing in the dark.

Radio Waves
Our cast of young performers produce the sound effects, and lend their voices to the scenes of our new radio commercials.

Hercules Feats of Strength
Brains are more important than muscles when kids perform seemingly impossible tasks and amazing feats of strength using physics of the mind.

Goofy World Records
Goofy and his pals have created a variety of games and contests for a wild time!

Goofy's Files
Goofy's Gum Shoe Investigators are accepting a new batch of recruits. The young sleuths enter the almost-invisible world of forensics and earn their investigator's certificate.


Dig at Monstro's Point
Make no bones about it; this is an adventure every beachcomber is sure to dig! It is amazing what children can find on Castaway Cay.

Sailors Craft & Lore
Children practice the sailor's craft of scrimshaw and play the old mariners' games.

10-12 Year Olds

Welcome Party
It's a time of Carnivale fun, and like a circus, children never know which act-tivities will take place in the show. This time could be magic tricks, or a talent show, or games, or dancing, or contests, or creating a crazy costume.

Goofin' Around with Animation
Kids learn animators' secrets as they draw one of our Disney Characters, Goofy!

Children work with a team of fellow inventors to design the ultimate marble race track.

See Ya!
In this human board game everyone is a "game piece of fruit" in danger of going to the blender. Fortunately, there's a "smoothie" spot that offers both escape and a cool fruit drink.

Nautical Mystery Tour
While trying to solve this mystery, children will decipher clues that lead them all over the ship.

Mysteries Islands
Children hear "true" tales of ghost ships and lost squadrons, as well as stories about mysterious islands that reportedly vanished over night!

Make a Mousepad
Kids who visit cyberspace can also revisit their favorite Disney Cruise vacation memories when they use the unique mouse-pad they created while sailing about the Disney Magic or Disney Wonder.

Glowin in the OBC (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
Children find out what's back stage when they take part in one of the skits. Be a Karaoke star, dance, hoop it up, play human bingo, and laugh while glowing in the dark.

Kids will make up the cast of sound effects performers and lend their voices to our new batch of radio plays.

Science Sorcery
Things are not always as they seem - using the magic of science come conjure up some goo with us!

This Just In
Rookie news teams produce a newscast that's filled with up-to-the-minute fun! Don't watch the news - make it!

Holy macaroni! Building a bridge is a tough enough task, but what if the engineers can only use pasta and a glue gun?

Hangin in Common Grounds
It's time to explore the teen hang out on the ship, Common Grounds, fashioned after New York coffeehouses. Watch a movie, play fuse ball, space games and just enjoy.

Dig at Monstro's Point
Make no bones about it; this is an adventure every beachcomber is sure to dig! It is amazing what kid's can find on Castaway Cay.

Castaway Capers
The hunt is on! A treasure map was found on Castaway Cay - help find the treasure.

Teen Program Schedule

411 - Get the Info!
Teens learn about events and meet their counselors. It's a great chance to meet everybody and get the 411!

Welcome Party
Teens sing, dance, act, hang out and have fun with their new friends onboard.

Out of the Box
Teens are grouped together, tied in knots, and challenged to race against the clock.

Teen Comedy Improv
Teens learn the basics of improvisational comedy and get a chance to show off their funny side.

90's Disco Party
It's a dance, it's Karaoke from the 90s, it's a fill in the blanks TV comedy routine (What would Will & Grace do?), It's a 90s movie & TV trivia contest, it's a blast.

DJ Training
Teens learn the ins and outs of being a DJ, use the Studio Sea DJ equipment, train to take a turn as a DJ at the Teen Hawaiian Pool Party.

Dueling Pianos Competition
Teens hear some of the ship's Dueling Piano Player's show and test their music knowledge in competition with other teens.

Teen Hawaiian Pool Party
Don't miss the farewell party. Teens enjoy dancing, pool games, float Ball, pass the orange, enter the cannonball contest, win at ping pong and shuffleboard.

Picture's Worth a Thousand Words
Explore the art of photography, while building a photomontage.

A stack of clues and Disney trivia questions begin the hunt as teens travel in teams around the ship with digital cameras in search of information to solve the mystery of the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder.

The Glow Jam
We light the night with our Glow Jam! Teens use a glowing array of sports equipment or just hang out and listen to music. These sports are as much fun to watch, as they are to play!

Teen Movie Madness
Join us for a current 'hot teen flick' in the Buena Vista Theatre.

Mini Photo Albums
Use digital cameras, clip art, and computers to make a keepsake mini photo album. Teens take pictures of their new friends.

Sailaway Party (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
Teens meet up with their friends as we sail from St.Thomas.

Teen Pizza Party (7-Night Caribbean Cruise Only)
Teens join us in the Skybox for pizza, fun and friends. We'll head down to the C'est Magique show as a group and watch the magic and illusions of the Disney Magic together.

Karaoke Showdown
Teens bring their best singing voice and wow their friends with their awesome talent and win the contest.

Sports Trivia
It's time for teens to test their sports knowledge.

Shooting Stars
Teens form crews and select roles as directors, actors, tech and silver screen history of their own. Then attend the premier screening event.


Mix & Match
How well do the teens know each other onboard? Find out the real scoop and tell all before the long distance emails begin.

Maximum Capacity
Lets fill this place. . .music and dancing are the main event for this party.

Whatever Floats your Boat
Be part of the winning bamboo boat building team of Castaway Cay.

Spring Break Party
Whassuppp? Volleyball, water games and some fun in the sun, spring break style.


Sailaway Party
Teens join their new friends as they say goodbye to Castaway Cay - the beginning of a very special night and the ending of a very special cruise.

Teen Karaoke
Future rock stars - join us in Studio Sea for the audition of their life and showcase their talents.

Party in Paradise
The cruise is almost over, so it's time to party! This farewell event gives teens a chance to say good-bye to the new friends they've made during the cruise.



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