Antarctica Cruises
The Great White Continent Voyage
         The Marco Polo

Image from Mawson Station, looking SSE.

A thrilling cruise adventure to the wildlife and wilderness of the White Continent.    Live Web Cam                      

Few people have experienced Antarctica, truly the last pristine region on earth and a land like no other in geography or history. You will visit the peninsula during the austral summer, when the sun finally emerges after the long winter night and the krill-rich waters teem with life. 

Your days will be filled with unparalleled opportunities to observe abundant wildlife – whales and sea lions, giant albatross, Blue-eyed Shags and rookeries of squawking, waddling and remarkably social penguins – all while surrounded by spectacular scenery and ice-filled channels. 

Antarctica’s glaciers, massive rivers of ice, crunch, grind and calve their way into the sea. Gargantuan towers of ice the size of city blocks glow in shades of pink, violet, and baby blue. Humpback whales gracefully loop through the frigid water in search of a meal of krill.                         

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At least ten species of whales have been spotted in the Antarctic Ocean. These whales include humpback (the most common), minke, right, blue, sei, finback, orca, pilot, sperm, and southern bottle-nosed. The blue whale, the largest animal on Earth, exceeds 100 feet in length and weighs over 150 tons. Just as exciting to watch are the three species of dolphins—Commerson’s, dusky, and southern right-whale—that swim and dive in graceful arcs throughout the southern seas.


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